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Accoya®, the world’s leading high-technology wood, is supplied by Universal Forest Products. Beginning as sustainably sourced, fast growing, softwood, Accoya® wood undergoes a modification process from the surface to the core and has measurable consistency throughout. The result: a durable, stable and beautiful material that won’t rot, twist, warp or shrink. Think of Accoya wood as having the performance characteristics of the most durable tropical hardwoods—and with industry-leading environmental credentials.

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Accoya Benefits - Long Lasting

A new world of sustainable, low-maintenance wood products including windows, doors, decking, siding and trim is available using Accoya wood. The exceptional durability and stability mean windows do not swell shut, doors continually open freely and coatings last up to three times longer—throughout the minimum 50-year above-ground and 25-year in-ground / freshwater life of Accoya wood.

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